Tranquil Breaths - Baby Massage

Suitable from birth to 6 months

Sleeping Baby

During this course, you will learn and practice baby massage techniques and the benefits of baby massage as well as meeting other new parents. Baby massage is a beautiful way for you and your baby to bond and has many benefits for you both, including:

  • Releasing oxytocin (the love hormone)  which aids relaxation, relieves stress, reduces pain. It also aids with breastfeeding and helps you to lovingly bond with your baby.

  • Relief for your baby from, colic, trapped wind, constipation, teething and much more.

  • Stimulating baby's muscles and boosting their circulation and immunity.

  • Promoting sleep (yay!)

During each class we will practice breathing techniques, massage your baby and have time for a drink and a chat afterwards. 

Mondays 11:30am - 12:30pm

@ Loughton memorial Hall

 £40 for 4 weeks 

Upcoming course dates 2022:

4th April

2nd May

13th June