Positive Birth Stories

"From the start of labour to our beautiful girl being born was just 10 hours and I honestly believe that it was the tips and tricks that I learnt in pregnancy yoga with Naomi that helped to make it so quick. 

I started working through the contractions on my birth ball, using the breathing techniques that I had practiced. We called the labour ward to let them know that we were in labour and wanted the home birth team to come out to us. Unfortunately, There wasn't anyone available to come out so we had to adapt to a hospital birth, but we both agreed that we wanted to work through the majority of labour at home by ourselves.

Throughout the night the contractions got stronger until come early morning I was pushing. Breathing techniques, a warm bath, laying on my left side and a Tens machine was all I used to get through. I was pushing but as my waters hadn't broken, I felt happy to stay at home. Once they broke we decided to go into the hospital as it felt like our daughter was close to making an appearance. Within 25 minutes of being at the hospital our daughter was born naturally. 

I felt empowered throughout birth and due to the discussions in our classes had decided to decline vaginal examinations and coming into the hospital sooner for monitoring. I felt in control of my birth and as a result had as close to a home birth as possible . I'm so pleased with how quickly it progressed and how calm I remained, even though I'm a first time mum and had never experienced anything like this before. 

I had a minor tear which only needed a couple of stitches, and considering she was 8lb8 I'm very happy with this and put it down to the prep work I did in the weeks leading up to birth."


"I was struck with fear of birth when I found out that I was pregnant so I looked into how to overcome that feeling. I found Naomi and Hypnobirthing and it transformed my pregnancy journey. My mindset shifted from 'ignorance is bliss' to 'knowledge is power' and I'm so pleased that I did. 

Hypnobirthing taught me to trust my body and my baby. I discovered that home is my happy place and completely opened my mind to a home birth which I had previously written off. Unfortunately, that didn't go to plan  because of staffing. I panicked straight away at the thought of going into hospital, but then I took myself back to my classes and changed my mindset back to positivity. My hospital experience was then enhanced as I had learnt how to overcome when things don't go to plan. Me and my partner welcomed our little boy into the world (who arrived so calmly, he was sleeping!!)"