Tranquil Breaths - Hypnobirthing Classes


What Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation course for you and your birth partner. KG Hypnobirthing is fully accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and has a focus on helping you to release your fears surrounding birth so that you can look forward to birthing your baby feeling calm, confident and relaxed.

Hypnobirthing has been proven to shorten birth and reduce your chances of having a C-section or instrumental delivery. 

My group classes are also a wonderful way to meet other local parents to be, forming a support network to help you through pregnancy, birth & parenthood. 

Who is Hypnobirthing for? 

Eveyone! Whether you plan to birth at the hospital or at home, have no drugs or all of the drugs, have a vaginal birth or a c-section, then hypnobirthing will benefit you. 

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What Does The Course Cover?

In this course, we will go through:

  • How birth works for you & your baby

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques to support you through pregnancy & birth.

  • Your rights in pregnancy & birth

  • Your birthing choices & options

  • How your birth partner can fully support you and play an active role in your baby's birth

  • Movement & positioning to make birth shorter & more comfortable

  • Birth Planning

  • 4th Trimester

Plus much much more​

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Hypnobirthing Group Classes

Mondays 7- 9:30pm

Moulsoe Millennium Hall,

Milton Keyens

4 classes 



Want To Know More

Book in for Free 15 minute phone consultation. Where I can answer any questions you may have about hypnobirthing and how it can help you to prepare for birth.