What my clients say

Naomi is the most wonderful teacher and her classes have been excellent! We started going to mummy and baby yoga when Reuben was 8 weeks old and I was worried he was too young and he would need feeding all the time or he wouldn’t benefit from them but the classes are so relaxed and Naomi and all the mums are so accommodating to how the babies react each week. This has been so important as a first time mum. We’ve done both in person and online classes and honestly both are great! And with online classes Naomi also invites you to meditation and baby massage which my partner myself and Reuben can all complete together. I take Reuben to swimming classes and to baby sensory classes but I have to say this class is my favourite 😍 100% recommend

Rachael Hayward

I love going to my pregnancy yoga sessions once a week with Naomi Ponting. She is a wonderful teacher, very supportive and also great at helping me to relax and focus on my breathing and relaxation techniques. I would really really recommend attending her pregnancy yoga classes. Thank you Naomi.

Susannah Worby

 Naomi created a personalised yoga session, tailored to stretching/exercising my back and hips. I have religiously followed this routine every night, before bed, and use it as a way to relieve the stress of the day, relax tense muscles and possibly more importantly, dedicate some time for me. I can’t thank and recommend Naomi highly enough. I now sleep better than I have in 3 years, I am able to get through the day without aches and pains and also the meditation and yoga has had a positive impact on my mental health; for the first time since having my daughter, I am motivated to get fit, with a positive mindset that I will achieve my goals. If you’re in two minds about giving Tranquil Breaths a go, then please just go for it! Naomi is brilliant! Her warm, bubbly personality will instantly make you feel at ease, and she will give you the tools to relax, safely exercise, both pre and post labour and it is a great way to dedicate some time for you & baby. Thank you again Naomi xxx

Rebecca Treweek

I have joined Naomi’s beginner classes twice a week. Naomi takes the time to explain the poses, alternatives if you’re uncomfortable in poses and the benefits of each pose. She explains clearly how to get into each pose so you can focus on your yoga and listen to the instructions. Naomi is clearly very knowledgeable and engages with each of us at the beginning of the class. I’m really enjoying yoga and hope to continue with classes.

Shirley Okane